The BBC Prenatal
is a 2 hour class
for 6 weeks

Congratulations!  You are about to become a new parent!!

Are you ready?
Both and more???

This Prenatal class is designed to answer your questions, boost your confidence and to help make the transition into parenthood a smooth one. This is not a childbirth class but rather a class filled with real life information to make those first few precious weeks the best they can be.

Those first few weeks of a new baby’s life are amazing, wonderful, exhausting and beautiful all at once. It feels like there is so much to know and this can make sifting through all the books, websites and advice overwhelming. The information that we will provide will be:
  • Current with today’s standards
  • Evidence based
  • Simple to understand
  • Useful real-life recommendations that you can use for your family

In this 6 week series, you will feel confident bringing baby home. We will offer you knowledgeable practical advice based on your values in a supportive space where you can feel comfortable discussing your concerns, fears, worries and excitement!

Class One:  Post-natal Care
Connect and get to know each other in the private Facebook group before the first class. In the first class we will discuss how to take care of mom’s healing body. You will learn what to expect and what to watch out for regarding the pelvic floor, c-section recovery, mom’s nutritional needs as well as her emotional well being.

Class Two and Three: Feeding Baby
Prepare to feed you baby in the way that you choose. You will spend most of your time in the first few weeks feeding your baby. In these two classes, we will have real conversations without judgement about breastfeeding, formula feeding, overnight feeding, growth spurts, pumping, increasing milk supply and how to know if baby is eating enough. There is LOTS to know and we cover so much, that it takes two classes!

Class Four: Newborn Care
Discover the importance of tummy time, when, why and how to introduce a soother and bathing your new baby. Take home information about the safety guidelines for bed sharing, independent sleep and car seats. Learn how to read your baby’s cues and ensure you are meeting their needs.

Class Five: Sleep and Emotional Wellness
Understand what to expect around your baby’s sleep patterns and needs. The first days and even weeks can feel like an emotional roller coaster. By gathering information on colic, crying, bonding, attachment, finding the right support and mom’s fluctuating hormones, you will be able to navigate this winding and exciting path with confidence.

Class Six:  Review & New
Dive deeper into topics covered. With all the information covered in the previous 5 weeks, you will have more questions and this class allows us to go back and review, answer any new questions that have come up or cover any items that we ran out of time for in the previous classes. We also leave it open to discuss any other postpartum topics that you want to know more about such as babywearing or using cloth diapers.

March 21 - April 25, 2018
Wednesdays 7:00 - 9:00pm​​

Save $50 when you register before February 21st!


May 9 - June 13, 2018
Wednesdays 7:00 - 9:00pm​​

Save $50 when you register before April 9th!